Improving Business Processes With Technology​
Date: June 18, 2024
Time: 1pm ET
Hosted by Thomson Reuters

Join us for this webinar "Improving Business Processes With Technology," as we navigate the accelerating changes in the accounting profession. Merely keeping up is no longer enough; to stay ahead, it's imperative to align effective processes with optimized technology. This session will dive into the relationship between streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology, offering a unique opportunity to not just keep pace but to accelerate and build capacity for both your firm and your clients. 

Throughout the webinar, we will explore strategies to enhance efficiency through effective processes and lay a solid foundation with technology optimization. Gain insights into aligning these elements to create a synergistic approach that propels your firm forward.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the increasing rate of change in the accounting profession and the importance of not just keeping up but accelerating through effective processes and technology optimization. 
  2. Explore strategies to improve efficiency by aligning streamlined processes with cutting-edge technology, creating a robust foundation for your firm. 
  3. Gain practical insights into building capacity for your firm and clients by leveraging the symbiotic relationship between effective processes and optimized technology. 

Arianna Campbell
Shareholder  And Chief Operating Officer, Boomer Consulting Inc.
Arianna Campbell is a Shareholder & Chief Operating Officer at Boomer
Consulting, Inc., where she helps accounting firms focus on the people part of
change by leading process improvement initiatives that increase capacity to
create more value internally and externally. Arianna is adept at blending
concepts from process improvement and change leadership to drive
innovation and continuous improvement.

Arianna facilitates the development and cultivation of Process Managers,
Project Managers and Change Leaders in the Boomer Process Circle. She also
enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge through regular contributions to
the Boomer Bulletin, CPA Practice Advisor and other industry-wide
publications, as well as public speaking at industry conferences. She’s been
honored several times as one of CPA Practice Advisor’s Top 25 Most Powerful
Women in Accounting and Inside Public Accounting’s Most Recommended

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