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Many accounting firms provide niche accounting services, some by choice and some through natural course of business. Niches can provide great opportunity for deeper client service, and consistent internal firm efficiency.  But what is seen is that firms don’t take the opportunity that this expertise affords to grow services into that niche.

 Join us on June 16, as Thomson Reuters editorial experts explore maximizing those opportunities your niche services provides.

Carlton Huntley is a state and local tax editor for Thomson Reuters Checkpoint. Carlton joined Thomson Reuters from the CPA firm of Frazier & Deeter, where he was a Tax Manager specializing in state and local tax. Prior to that, Carlton was a consultant at Deloitte where he drafted memoranda advising clients on legislative and judicial tax policy developments. Carlton previously worked at the Florida Department of Revenue, where he drafted written taxability determinations, analyzed the impact of new legislation, and issued written responses to taxpayers who requested technical advice on the tax consequences of specific transactions.  Carlton received his B.A. from East Carolina University, his J.D. from Florida A&M, and his LL.M in Tax from the University of Florida, where he also teaches a class on state and local tax.
Shannon Christensen is a Tax & Accounting Specialist Editor with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint. She holds a J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of Law and a Master of Business Taxation from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Shannon has over 20 years of experience assisting taxpayers to solve complex tax issues including IRS and state audit defense, is admitted to practice law in Minnesota, and is a member of the Minnesota state bar association.
Melissa A. Oaks is Director of Current Awareness for Thomson Reuters Checkpoint. Prior to this role, Melissa was a Proposition Manager for ONESOURCE Indirect Tax and Managing Editor of State & Local Tax for Checkpoint Catalyst. Before joining Thomson Reuters in 2013, Melissa practiced law in New York. She is a graduate of Cornell University and Columbia Law School and earned an LL.M. in Taxation from NYU School of Law.

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